Flat Jacking

Flat Jacking

Flat jacks

Flat Jacks consist of a mild steel capsule, circular in plan, with a cross section that is initially dumbbell shaped. The dished portions are fitted with a ground steel, thrust plate . When the jack is pressurised with water, oil or grout the torodial rim deforms to allow the thrust plates to move apart. The low operating pressure of 150bar max, provides for low bearing forces on the jacked surfaces. Maximum stroke is 25mm.

For full details please download our Flat Jacking Brochure

Typical applications

  • Pre-loading steelwork
  • Propping/shoring
  • Load transfer
  • Control of thrust forces
  • Underpinning
  • Structural lifting
  • Measurement of forces
  • Pre-stressing

Flat jacking in action