Latest News

Brief news items about PHL Hydraulics UK, covering all aspects of the work being done in the UK.

Best Marketing Initiative

PHL HYDRAULICS have just taken part in our first Enerpac Uk & Ireland distributor conference. where we picked up our first award for best marketing initiative Uk & Ireland for FY 2018.

Enerpac Flagship Jacks

PHL HYDRAULICS UK are very proud to announce that we have just taken delivery of a flagship jack from Enerpac and the first to ever be supplied to the UK and possibly Europe. 17no Enerpac HCRL-40012- B100 (400ton-12’’ stroke locking collar jacks)

Enerpac Lock Ring Jacks

PHL HYDRAULICS UK have just received another batch of Enerpac LPL -4002 (400ton-2’’ stroke) lock ring jacks for a Uk based customer. This now brings the quantity of jacks on site to 44no.

Installation of flat jacks

PHL HYDRAULICS UK onsite in central London today completing the supply and installation of flat jacks (manufactured in house) for the preloading of temporary site props.

Old solid strand dispenser

Some onsite wielding today on an old solid strand dispenser, fitting new nose cone for customer PHL Hydraulics Uk & Ireland.

Offshore tensioning program

PHL Hydraulics recently completing a 30'' 900# offshore tensioning program spread the word or get in touch for any jacking, bolting, tensioning and flat jacking requirements.