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Brief news items about PHL Hydraulics UK, covering all aspects of the work being done in the UK.

Tension Tests on Anchor Bars

PHL Site Services team performing tension tests on anchor bars today. Tests completed with jack, load cell and 2 x displacement transducers.

New Enerpac equipment currently available

We’re onsite this week completing 3 days of training on safety using hydraulic jacking equipment and also familiarising our customer of new Enerpac equipment currently available.

New strand dispensers

We were recently approached by one of our pt customer’s to build some new strand dispensers to allow for the new 5 ton coil’s been delivered here are the results.

Point Synchronized lift of marine engine

A recent 6 Point Synchronized lift of marine engine PHL Hydraulics completed. Engine lifted to a height of 900mm with a diagonal tolerance of 1.5mm.

Equipment built in-house

Some equipment built in-house and leaving our engineering workshop this week. 2no Enerpac ZU4 110v pumps incorporated in our own frame and tank including load cells and digital readout for a jacking application.

PHL’s Enerpac changeover continues

Hire ready for valued Customer. PHL’s Enerpac changeover continues. For all your Bolting, Jacking, Pressure Testing & Stressing requirements contact a member of the PHL team.