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Cambridge House Hotel

Cambridge House is a £165m redevelopment of a Grade I listed town house and adjacent buildings in Mayfair with over 300 ft of frontage to Piccadilly, overlooking Green Park in London. Working alongside industry giants Deconstruct LTD and Ardmore LTD PHL worked together with Masons UK to develop a ‘First of its kind’ noise reduction system using Flatjacks with acoustic bearings. Due to the construction of the Elizabeth line which runs directly under Piccadilly, noise levels and vibrations were a major concern for this soon to be prestigious hotel. With team effort and outstanding co-operation, both PHL and Masons devised a project to systematically place flatjacks on top of acoustic beams along the lower level of the entire redevelopment.


Over the course of a year we completed one of the biggest flatjacking projects to date with over 650 Flatjacks placed strategically to allow the whole 3 building development to be lifted. By placing the flatjacks on top of the acoustic beams this certified that the noise and vibrations were no longer traveling through the building; by using flatjacks compared to other industry methods this ensured the structural integrity of the grade, making this not only a significant accomplishment for PHL, but a major accomplishment for the standards and innovation in construction.

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