Post Tensioning and Prestressing

Prestressing is the introduction of a compressive force to the concrete to counteract the stresses that will result from an applied load. There are two methods of introducing prestressing to a concrete, namely pre tensioning and post tensioning.

Pre tensioning happens before the casting of the concrete. This is done by placing of high tensile steel tendons in a desired profile in which the concrete is to be cast. When the concrete had reached the required strength, the tendons are released to introduce a compressive force to the concrete. The concrete will then be in a permanent state of maintaining prestressed strength.

Post tensioning is the process of introducing compressive force to the concrete after the concrete is casted. This is done by placing high tensile steel PC Strand tendons (normally inside the ducts that were casted into the concrete) in a desired profile. The tendons are then stressed and locked with anchors. This application introduces compressive force to the concrete and the concrete can then achieve its required prestressed strength.

What we offer

PHL Hydraulics UK are now operating a dedicated specialist stressing division covering all aspects of post tensioning and prestressing equipment. We are currently supplying grout pumps, chair boxes, strand carriers, tool chests and strand cable pushers for the post tensing sector which are currently been built in our own engineering workshop. We are also currently building prestressing pumps suited for associated concrete products facilities along with stressing jacks to cover a range from 5mm up to 15.9mm capacities along with wedges, anchors, curved noses, grout nozzles and many other products.

Our ‘Post tensioning and pre-stressing division UK & Ireland’ brochure can be downloaded using this link – Post tensioning and pre-stressing

Some of our Prestressing and Post Tensioning Projects