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• High tonnage hydraulic cylinders with lock nut, reduced height, single acting. Push force from 60 to 500 tons with a range of strokes from 45 mm to 50 mm.

• Compact hydraulic cylinders, suitable for lifting operations pushing and heavy lifting. Lock nut for the maintenance of the load in complete safety.

• The guiding surfaces are sized to guarantee optimal performance in load offset absorption. Pluging execution, equipped with anti overstroke device.

• Equipped with high-strength gaskets for maximum durability.

• 3/8 ’’ NPT female coupler with dust cap equipped.

• Tilting saddle for optimal offset load distribution.

• Nitox ONC treatment on all mechanical components for maximum resistance against corrosion and wear.

• All models weighing more than 20 kg are equipped with lifting eyebolts.

• Possibility to design and produce custom made hydraulic cylinders on request, with dedicated geometries, performances
and features.



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