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Very high pressure hydraulic hand pumps 1600 bar – 3000 bar and 4000 bar.

• Manual pumps for very high pressures, light, compact and easy to carry, made in aluminum

• At the maximum pressure, the 1600 bar and 3000 bar hand pumps develop a very low lever effort and the two flow rates with 40 cm3 / pumped in the approach phase allow rapid operations and less operator fatigue.

• Pumps equipped with the hole for mounting the pressure gauge directly on the head and the practical lever locking system for the transport. The anodizing and fire painting treatments complete the product, ensuring high resistance to wear and corrosion even in aggressive environments such as the offshore sector.

• Equipped with an internal safety valve set at the maximum working pressure.

• Robust and functional pumps, typically used in the bolting sector for operating hydraulic bolt tensioners and hydraulic nuts. They are also indicated for the bearings installations, test benches, tank and pipe tests.

• Very high pressure pumps up to 4000 bar.

PMS-PDS Tension Pump

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