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The Tensioners TTS Series are designed to suit most flanges type: ANSI B16.5 – ANSI B16.47 – B.S.3293 – AWWA – MSS-SP44 – API-6A – API-17D – UNI EN 1092-1

• Powerful and extra compact. Great ratio between developed force and tools dimensions.

• Dimensions and weight make the difference. TTS Series is extremely compact and light weightto be suitable for the most tensioning operations.

• Maximum flexibility. With only 6 hydraulic cells the operator can cover an extended range of Imperial or Metric thread sizes from 3/4” to 4” and from M20 to M100.

• 15 mm stroke cover most of the tensioning application. If longer stoke are required the tensioning operation can be carry on by steps. TTS1 has 10 mm stroke.

• Safety is a must. All size have the Anti Over Stroke Mechanisme. 

• All model are equipped with 2 quick couplers male and female for serial hydraulic connection between tensioners.

• Custom made Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners to fit to Norsok flanges, Vector Flanges, Slip on flanges, Weld Neck flanges and many others.

TTS Series

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